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  • Rentmybikebox.com

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You've got a great bike and now you want to travel with it. You need a bike box but lets be honest - most of the time it's just going to sit there in the corner of the back bedroom gathering dust... The Smart answer... Why buy when you can hire from a fellow enthusiast near to you? Either collect it or pay them to drop it round. If you already have a box or are thinking of buying one then put it to work to earn its keep.

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Ever thought of cycling in the Alps? Or heading overseas for a race? How about when you are off on your holidays and canít bear to leave your bike behind - or you just love the idea of clocking up those extra miles on Strava in a new and exciting location! Well, you are going to need a Bike Box!

Need a Bike Box?
Few people in Singapore have excess space to keep a large bike box indoors. So why not save the expense and rent one at an affordable price from a fellow cycling enthusiast.

Own a Bike Box?
If you already own a bike box, rentmybikebox.com gives you the opportunity to put it to use when you aren't using it.

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About Me

I discovered triathlon and cycling in 2011 when I decided that I needed to get fit, as in my 30’s I was spending more time injured than playing rugby. I am still member of a running and triathlon club in the UK called the Clapham Chasers and since moving to Singapore have joined ANZA Cycling and TriEdge.

As I began to travel internationally with my bike for races as well as holidays I found myself struggling to find affordable bike boxes to rent, in a location easy for me to collect. I ended up buying a bike box, and then a second upon relocating to Singapore in order to transport both my bikes. They are now sat taking up space and collecting dust in my spare room. It made me think that mine cannot be a unique situation so why not rent out my boxes to fellow cyclists/triathletes and help others make money from theirs.

If you have any questions or issues fill in the contact form or email on farnsworth.ben@gmail.com

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